Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I got all this thinking from this link.Physical change is when the substance not change identity. Its like that clay and clay is always clay.  Or thhat if you change something it will still be the first thing. A Mixture is when you put something that is like food. Or something diffrent. A mixture has to be or than one thing that ramian thier physical qualities. . To mix something. You have to put stuff together. Yoou could take them out seprtly physically. Parts of mixture can't be physical change. Mixtures can be changed by phyisical means. a solid and a liquid ar mix together you could seprete it by a filter. Salt and water can be seprated by the water evaporating. When you use physical change to do something You don't change the part identity.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Matter: Mass and Weight

What are the two properties that all types of matter, including solids, liquids, and gases, have in common?

Matter is all mass. Mass takes up spaces. Examples: Baseball has mass of 150 gram, 2 paper clips equal 1 gram, nickel equals 5 grams. Grams are how you measure mass. volume is also the property of matter because its the amount of space that something takes up.  I got this from this link These all have mass and the mass. These both take up space. These can also be weighed. They can be weighed but some are weighed different. I'm saying that they can use different stuff to way these stuff/solids, liquids and gases. I think that mass is a lot esier because mass takes up space and these take up space.

What is weight and how does weight differ from mass?

Weight is how heavy something. Just like an apple they fall off trees because its heavy for the branch. Earth has mass. That's why we always get pulled down toward its center. Examples: Mass of a kid is is 30 kg and a grown up man is 90kg. Example for weight is: A kids weight is 294n and a grown up man is 882. Mass is the amount of matter in a substance. Weight is the pull of gravity between masses. The objects on earth have weight because gravitational attraction between masses and Earth’s mass. Objects with more mass haves more weight because of their gravitational attraction to Earth is stronger. I got this from discovery education and the link is here. You have mass everywhere you go but your weight change because you're far away from gravity. I got this from discovery education link. I know this I can say weight is different from mass because mass is the stuff inside your body and weight is the gravity. Because everything goes down. Mass is also takes up space in stuff. Weight is from gravity. Your mass never changes if you go anywhere it stays the same in any place. Weight changes from gravity. If your far away you loose how fat or skinny.

How are weight and mass measured?

You measure mass with balance. The SI unit for mass is kilogram. But mass can be also measured in gram. Weight is measured in spring scale. The SI unit for weight is newton. Weight is also measured in ounces and pounds. I got this from this link. Here's a link to a video that talked a little about how you measure mass/weight. I learned that you can measure mass with balance, kilogram, and gram. I never knew there is a lot of ways to measure mass. You measure weight with spring scale, newton, ounces, and pound. I only knew about the last two and it I thought they were the only ones but there not.

Does changing the location of an object change its mass or weight?

 If you traveled to the moon, your body would not change, so your mass would stay the same. However, your weight would be different because gravity is different on the moon. Your weight on the moon is less than your weight on Earth.  Here's a link to were I got this information. Here's a video link were I got this from. This helped me a lot  because It told me that if you go to the moon your mass will not change. What I got from the video is that you can't feel mass because your to small and In think that's why we don't feel mass pushing us down. 

How does the mass of an object compare to the mass of its parts?

The mass of an object is always equal to the massof all of its parts. For example, suppose you buy a toy that has to be put together. If you found the massof every piece and added those masses together, that total would be the same as the mass of the completed toy. The idea that the mass of an object is the same as the mass of all of its parts is called the law of conservation of mass. The link is here. I learned something very new I never new and this is cool. That if you add a piece of massof and add those masses together there will be the same as a complete. I think is really cool.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Homework: Too Little or Too Much? It Depends

      Dear Readers,
      In my reading group I was reading a artical called, Homework: Too Little or Too Much? It Depends. I will give you three main points or more main points. The three reasons are, Lot of homework or little homework, students point of view, high school kids how they spend their time to get ready for collage, and percentage of students homework.
Lot of homework or little homework
  "One is that there's Too much homework, and more of it than ever before. The other is that there's to little." I think about this is that if kids get too much homework they don't get it done. Also if there is too little homework that means to me that kids finish there homework early. "Loveless says those who think there is too little homework are more numerous. But he adds, those complaining about too much homework get most of the attention." I wonder why the parents are complaining about homework if they don't do there sons homework? Also I think that the homework should be the same amount of homework to every kid. But those whose parents say its a a little homework should get more homework for the kids. But those whose parents say its a lot of homework should get less homework.
Students point view
     "Imani Downing, of the North side, is a sophomore at Pittsburgh Perry high school. She said she rarely get homework and usually in just in one class. "I feel like we should have homework in every class," she said. That would allow for "more learning" and "a better to understand things." If I was in her class and with her each time of class with her I will agree with her. "Ababio figures she does her homework from about 5.p.m to 11:30.p.m on school night's. She said her phone is off, her computer is off except for research and she even does her homework while eats dinner. I think that these students point of view about homework is better than the parent. Reasons are that the kids do homework themselves or if there parent helps. Then kids know if it is too less or too much.
    High school kids how they get ready for collage
      "But only 38.4 percent spend that same amount of time on studying or homework during their year last year in high school. Nearly two-thirds said they has spent six or more hours a week of socializing with friends." I think that high school kids should study to do great in collage.
      Percentage of homework kids get
       "In all three age groups questioned, more than a fifth had no homework at all: That was true of 22 percent of 9-year-olds, 21 percent of 13-year-olds, and 27 percent of 17-year-olds. Of 9-year-olds, 57 percent said they had received homework, but less than an hour's worth. Forty-four percent of thirteen-year-olds also had been given that amount of work, and 26 percent of 17-year-olds."I think that these percentage of homework is a lot to make because with the percentage gives a lot about the homework kid gets.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Respiratory System

What Function Do The Lungs Have?
The function of the lungs are to transport blood from the heart to make them oxygenated blood and to the heart. Or just putting air in blood and giving it back to the heart. Also It helps you breathe in. 

How Does The Respiratory System Help The Body?
The respiratory system helps the body by bringing oxygen from that comes from the air to your body or into your body and then pushes carbon dioxide out of the bod. Also the respiratory system keeps your blood to get oxygen and when they get oxygen it goes to the rest of the body. Respiratory system gives cells blood.

How Does Air Travel Through The Respiratory System Air enter through the mouth or the nose then goes down the trachea a tube in your chest the trachea divides into two tubes called bronchi then it goes further and divides into smaller tubes that ends in air sacs.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Awesome story teller award

       Dear Readers,
       I'm giving a award to Skyla and hears and link to her blog.I gave her this awesome story teller award because she is telling about a book she read. Also Skyla is telling the main character and the characters that take place in the book. Also I gave it to Skyla because Skyla tells the book that she was reading. But she also talks about the problem but after the problem she was talking more about the book. I think that she deserves this award because she Did tell the story very good or she told the book very well.


Deadly virus spreads from plants to honeybees

      Dear readers,
      I was reading a artical and the artical. Also the artical that I'm reading is called Deadly Virus Spreads From Plant To Honeybees. This artical talks about bees having viruses. The artical has three main points which are virus is spreading rapidly, deadly cocktail, and the new kind of virus. Those are the three main points from the text that I think are the best ones.
     Virus Is Spreading Rapidly
     I think that bees will be the one that will give people diseases. In the text it says, “These mites live on bees and travel from bee to bee, thereby spreading the disease.”"Further study revealed that the virus was replicating inside its honeybee hosts, and spreading to mites, tiny parasites similar to ticks. These mites live on bees and travel from bee to bee, thereby spreading the disease. The discovery is the first report of honeybees becoming infected by a virus transmitted by pollen that spread systematically through bees and hives. Traces of the virus were detected in every part of the bee examined, except its eyes."
        Deadly Cocktail
      "But bee colonies have been collapsing. Scientists have attributed that devastation to a deadly cocktail of pathogens, as well as pesticides and beekeeping practices that stress the insect’s immune system." I think that deadly cocktails is making bee colonies callapes. Only about 5 percent of plant viruses are known to be transmitted by pollen. Fewer still have been known to jump from the plant kingdom to insects.
        The New Kind Of Virus 
         "Indeed, the new virus, along with the Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus, was linked with colonies considered “weak” due to a variety of stresses. It also showed a similar seasonal fluctuation. Infection rates rose to a 22.5 percent high in winter, according to the study." I think that the new virus should be stop because there will be a huge problem. "Just how big a role the new virus has been playing in the death of colonies is unknown. It would be difficult, Chen said, to separate it from a mix of pathogens and stresses hurting the bees."
        Finally or in the end, I told reason why I choose the three main ides. That are virus are spreading rapidly, deadly cocktail, and the new kind of virus. My opinion about the artical is that it was great because it makes me think more and tells me some viruses.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Dear readers, 
This is another non-fiction artical and it is called "Libraries Go From Printed Page To The Digital Screen." There where three main points and they are libraries and technology, librarians go from books to technology, and use people need a lot of help on technology. I chose the three most important.
Libraries are changing
“Then she saw the Teen Tech Center at the Minneapolis Central Library. The center has rows of new computers and i Pads.” “You may not know it, but libraries have become community tech centers.” I wish that school was like a “community tech centers.” Just like other libraries. Also I think that if there is to much of technology so many people will go constantly. When people go to other libraries and hear the one that has a lot of good stuff about the library's and the library's will have lots of job and where the other library's don't have enough people that will want to have better librarians, if they can help they will have but I don't think that technology is everything because if i Pads that everyone wants they should try to save money or, if everyone goes to a library that has i Pads then if they are only a little amount of i Pads then everyone would not get it and people will be mad that they just have come for no reason.
Librarians go from books to technology 
“Librarians were once just experts on helping people find books. Now, they have become experts at finding information online as well.” I think that librarians are getting smarter and smarter because they are learning something new each time when they help someone. “Librarians learned to help them set up e-mail accounts. They taught computer skills. Librarians also helped people find the most useful information online.” I think that librarians are better with technology because if they know technology to help people go to the best web sites or "finding information."Also I think that librarians are better they are "experts in book finding information."
People Need a Lot of Help on technology
“They come and ask me for e-book help. They usually end up with a little bit more,” said Andrea Egbert. She works for the Anoka County library system. Some people walk in with new e-readers, still in the box. They don't know how to turn them on. Others ask how to share photos and videos online “Most librarians are happy to help. But they can't always solve the problem. If your iPad won’t turn on because you dropped it in the bathtub, they will likely send you elsewhere. This means that people may not visit their library as much. They may never actually see the librarian they "chat with.” I think that us people should do something about technology. Also If the librarians don't know at least they tried there best and the people that are going to the library and not coming again that is bad because if they can't help and that is kid of selfish.
I have just explained my three reasons about the non-Fiction artical "Librarians Go From Printed Page To The Digital Screen. Also my three main points where Libraries and technology, Librarians go from books to technology, and people need a lot of help on technology. I like to read non-fiction artical because it kind of connects me with the world and everything that is go to happen or happened in the world.